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Your reliable partner for different kinds of freight transports on inland waterways, by rail and on the road.

Alpha Barging Rotterdam B.V is taking care of transports on nearly all Central European inland waterways. Our expertise is transporting from and to the Danube.

About us

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Alpha Barging Rotterdam B.V. is working mainly with inland barges, but can if necessary also provide to other transport services. All on the basis of clearly confirmed agreements between the barge owners / rail operators or trucking companies. Because of this flexibility we can advise our clients about the available transport possibilities and  so we are able to offer a transport with the proper modality.


Transport advice

Alpha Barging Rotterdam B.V. is advising clients about the different transport modalities as well as controlling price and quality.




Alpha Barging Rotterdam B.V. is in a position to offer transport from A to Z included transhipment and door to door transfer. Our company carries among other things grain and feeds but also fertilizer, coal, steel, aluminium, cellulose, construction and wood pellets.


Transport order

Alpha Barging Rotterdam B.V. offers barge owners and other transport companies varied transport assignments or a determined contract based on clear agreements.

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Alpha Barging Rotterdam BV  is GMP+ FSA Scheme gecertificeerd.

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